Thursday, July 23, 2015

Final Days Roll On

Our palette of colors for touch ups.

Mike doing some touch ups with the dremel tool.

Unfortunately our view is obscured by the barriers...

So here are two closeups...

Our very last job is always caulking.

And then we have to say goodbye to Amy, it has been such a joy working with her.

End of day 17, it feels good to be done!!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Every Drop Counts

We have been using the same water for over a week. Even though it gets very dirty while grouting, we leave it overnight to settle and in the morning the water on top is clean. This way we consume less water which is especially important here in California where they have been suffering from a serious drought for 4 years.

A nice visit from Amy

This transparent part of the darker grey gets a lighter color grout so we need to cut it out of the joints and re-grout it.

End of day 15!

Some of the sample colors they have been testing for above the mosaic...

They are adding a layer of drywall above and around the piece so the mosaic looks like an inlay. They have covered our mosaic to protect it from the plaster they will be using and later, sanding.

Our water cart or "happy cart" as it is known.

In this area you can see 6 of our 7 colors, the only one missing is green.
End of day 16!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Grouting On and On

1/18th of grouting completed!

For this mosaic we are using three tones of grey, an orange, a green, a cream and a bright white grout.

We have a custom orange grout.

And a custom green grout.

Its a long process when you have to use your finger to carefully put grout in a seam.
End of day 14!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Eyes Wide Shut

For the curious; the black underlay is to hide the mosaic as best we can. The black rolling barrier covers the rest from prying eyes, of which there`s been many.

End of day 10!

We only have a few pieces left.

Three to be exact.




Our last piece is in!

No hiding for this guy, end of day 11!

Valentina had to go back to work at the studio so Jess now joined us for the grueling part of this job...

We will be using 7 colors of grout, grouting each line and blob separately.

One of the seven colors and one of three tones of grey we are using...

While Mike starts spot grouting the bottom, we start peeling and fixing the top row.

Mike drawing doodles and looking up hockey news during his "meeting" with the studio.

End of day 13!